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Its not the same at ALL. If you go to "rot in jail" you'll only be in jail until you die, same with the death penalty: they kill you and its done with. The BIGGEST difference is that hell is an ETERNAL and NEVER ENDING place of the most horrible torture that you couldn't possibly imagine. That's fucked up.
Some Christians argue that the lake of fire was simply a metaphor to the absence of God in the afterlife. In this case, it's nothing different from what most athiests expect anyways. I, personally, don't know that I believe in a Hell.

It could be said that Hell (as well as many of the the biblical punishments) was an invention of the Church to take advantage of fears to spread Christianity. I think it's a sad era when faith is spread through fear and not through love. I don't think it was the way the message of God was meant to be interpreted.

With all that aside, in my opinion, Hell is a lot better than non-existence.

So if I truly believe there is no proof God exists, I will still go to heaven even though I don't believe in him?

Ok, so i have a legit question.
If 'He' is real, why does he not come down, prove it to the world, and have everyone (or most everyone) believe? Why have humans try to spread the message, when it is obviously futile?
I grouped these two together.

As long as you live your life as morally righteous as possible, I think there's at least a chance that you will have eternal life. Nobody is perfect and God is loving and merciful. It might not matter what you are during your human life because when you reach the afterlife, you'll be theistic (if that makes any sense).

He did send Jesus (and various other prophets) down to spread the message. God gave us life and the Earth to enjoy. The best way to worship is to live your life with love for others and live it to the fullest.
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