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Default What should she do?

OK then... this girl i work with backstage at school (stephanie) told me today that last week on friday her and this boy called lewis who is 3 years older than her were in the cupboard (the old costume cupboard) and all the lites were off bcos we were not sposed 2 be in there, and when nobody was near the cupboard he pulled her to him and kissed her (like a french kiss) and also felt her breasts and then he grabbed her hand and put it on his penis. now she is really worried every time shr sees him, i try to stick with her as much as i can but i cant be there all the time and im really worried for her what should i/she do? shes not like really pretty or anything and she a bit fat but she said he has done this on three occasions. she is not the kind of girl that would usually talk about this kindof thing but im really glad she told me.
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