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Any big event are foretold, like an invitation goes out to people to prepare. You like up the greatest people that ever lived and you find out that none of them were foretold. If a person claims that he came from God, then he should not just pop out of nowhere. The bible is a collection of writing that many people wrote from the history. It is real because even the Muslims use the first books of it called the Koran. Everything about the Old testament spoke about the messiah or savior who is to come and save man. The New Testament the fruit of the Old Testament. Line up all the people in the world who claimed they are from God: Confucious, Muhammad, Joseph Smith, Buddha. None of these people were foretold on how they will be born, the people he will heal and the manner he will die. Jesus's life were foretold thousands of years before he was born. He was the promised one yet the Jews are still waiting for the Messiah. Jesus came to the world that his impact was so great that he split time. BC (Before Christ) and AD (After Death).

So who else claims that he is from God? Yeah...that's right.....and you know it.
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