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Originally Posted by thePianoMan View Post
All I have to say is WOW. That is using religion and God to make everything perfect and fit your way of thinking. That way of thinking completely disregards the whole study of geology. If God can manipulate anything he wants, then why is the world in pretty much the worst condition it has EVER been in. Why isn't god doing anything to fix it and "save" the people who believe and worship him.

Sorry, but your post (the one Jared responded to) is so fractally wrong that I don't know where to begin with it. As for Soddom and Gamorrah, that's a very GOOD example of god being an evil asshole. Basically he got into a bet with a prophet that there were NO good people in both of those cities, and he was BEGGED by the prophet not to DESTROY both cities if he could find good people living there.

Well, as it turned out, there was only ONE supposedly "good man" in Soddom, named Lot. Anyways, the two angels sent to see him were nearly ganged-up on by a group of men that wanted to RAPE the angels. When this SUPPOSEDLY good man named Lot said: "don't rape these men, here take my two virgin daughters instead". READ THE BIBLE. This kind of disgusting shit is to be found throughout.

You should know the end of that story; god blows the shit outta both cities and kills everyone. Nice guy.

One more instance I would like to point out is when Elijah is being teased by a couple of CHILDREN for being bald. Since they made fun of him, the BIBLE says that he cursed the children and GOD HIMSELF sent two GRIZZLY BEARS to KILL and EAT not only the children making fun of Elijah, but 40 OTHER KIDS AS WELL. HOLY SHIT!!!

Sorry... but that's not gonna cut it for a loving creator if he'd send bears to kill little kids.

For just one last piece, here is a video of mine:

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