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Here's a bit of what I know about suffering. If god gave us everything in the world we needed why wouldn't we praise him or worship him? Well God puts us through things to see how strong our faith is. If you only praise god through your good times and never through your bad times then your not a true christian. The bible says that god will never put us through more than we can handle(somewhere in there). Suffering is more than just punishment for our sins it's a way for god to see if we are truly praising him for the right reasons. Read the story of Job for more insight.

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From what I gather, people of other faiths, people who can't understand faith, and people who were never exposed to faith are all judged differently in the afterlife.
From what I understand people who dont understand faith, like children and some mentally ill, will go to heaven and people who were never exposed to faith, like people who never knew anything about religion, will go to heaven. People of other religion I would imagine go to heaven but I'm not sure.

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