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According to the Bible, God is omnipotent and omniscient (all powerful and all knowing). So, either God didn't give us free will like the Bible says or he isn't omnipotent and omniscient. If he were omniscient, we wouldn't be able to have free will because there would have to be a "grand scheme" to things. If he is omniscient, he knows what is going to happen to all of us and our lives are predetermined, thus removing free will from our lives.

The video also says that if God is omniscient, he can't be omnipotent. Him being omniscient would mean he knows everything that will happen in the future, meaning he can't change it making him omnipotence false.
God is a being that is beyond our understanding. In my opinion, omnipotence covers the same area. We can't even begin to understand what omnipotence entails. Does it mean God can make something even he can't fix? Can he defy his own omniscience? Is it possible for him to be omnipotent and still allow for free will to exist?

We don't know the terms of it all.

And why punish people who are mentally insane?
From what I gather, people of other faiths, people who can't understand faith, and people who were never exposed to faith are all judged differently in the afterlife.
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