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Originally Posted by Gatwick
I am a veggitarian. I have been one for 6 years now come february. I am veggi because I think it is TOTALLY wrong to eat an animal when it is possible to eat other things in place of it. Also, it is a healthy way of life. I think it is better for the environment because we are not killing of species this way. Of course I am goig to say in my opinion being veggi is better because I am one. If you arent, you'll probably say its better. I would never force someone to become veggi though
What I don't understand about vegertarianism is why vegetarians feel that it is wrong to eat an animal. It is perfectly natural. Humans are omnivores, which means that they were ment to eat animals and plants. Do you think a lion should become a vegetarian when you see it eating a zebra?

Also, how are we killing off species? Most people eat beef, poultry and fish. Cattle, chicken, and turkey are all domesticated and the ocean is perfectly capable of providing enough fish and squid for humans and other species.

I don't know what to say...
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