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Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
What about the passages in the bible where God Himself condones slavery, genocide, baby-killing, rape, human sacrifice, and don't forget KILLS an entire planet with a ridiculous flood that completely contradicts the facts of Earth's geological history and makes the present diversity of life an impossibility. You can't "twist" your way out of the times god was by our standards quite an evil being.
Well if you're going to throw bible passages at us please can you find them and put the reference down? Then im sure people (including me) will look at them.

As for the flood contradicting the earth's history... If God created the world can he not manipulate it? God can do anything that it is logical for God to do. If he wanted to save a few religious people then surely he could make the world fit for them to live in again? Thats how you need to look at it.


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