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Originally Posted by Shiver View Post
Here's what I have to say. I believe in god I always have and I always will, but I do not like the whole if you believe in god this way go here, if not go there. Also I don't believe that the church should get involved in politics at all. I believe in the seperation of church and state, and that church's shouldn't be able to do certain things. If religion was more accepting and inviting then it wouldn't be hard for everyone to want to come to church and to have a lot of faith, it's when the preacher starts preaching on gay rights and how it's another form of the devil or how you can't be a christian and vote for one guy. I was never a religious person and I never really liked going to church so it's not hard for me to stop going to a church if I don't believe what the preacher is saying. IT's stuff like that that puts people off of religion and if the church would focus more on accepting everyone for who they are instead of getting their pockets full then there wouldn't be so many problems.
I agree. I'm not christian, but i see where you're going.
When churches tell people to do stuff a certain way, heck, if anyone tells someone to do something a certain way, the people they condemn are put off.
And with the church being so powerful, the people who are 'right' really get affected. Straight people who vote for the 'right' person starts hating on gay people who vote for the 'wrong' person. Church causes so much hate, and so much prejudice, it really doesn't represent what christian people believe god is all about.
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