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Well many think God is some kind of magnificent person who lives in another dimension that gave us life, personally I cant believe that.

I go down the scientific route however I don't throw God aside.
you hear of people finding god or Jesus in prison and so on (don't know what Jesus is doing in prison I thought he was a good lad)!

on a serious note God to me is a mental thing.
Its a part of the brain that leads us to believe in a powerful figure that can give us strength and will power, someone to keep us safe in times of danger and lend us help in times of need.

I think its a way of our minds to trick ourselves into making things happen.
you hear of people giving up drugs thanks to god
I think its their brain going to this place giving them this belief in a God which takes the mind away from the craving.

We think we understand the brain but how can we understand the thing that controls us.
how can you study something that controls you and makes you who you are.

God is inside all of us and is where we go in times of low down.
It gives us someone to blame when someone we love dies
Gives us strength in times of weakness
gives us hope in times of despair.
gives us a light at the end of a tunnel to reach.

Did god make the earth, did it make us?
No I think we all are god

anyway the people in white coats are here to give me my pills
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