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Originally Posted by Decman777 View Post
ok here i go:
2) Christianity isn't meant to tell us exactly what happened, only God would know that, we are only humans, He is God, we would not be able to comprehend His methods of creation. Another thing, the "Big Bang" also has a major flaw: where did that first point come from, you know...the one that "exploded on accident"
The above is EXACTLY what i was trying to say. We can read up on the big bang theory over and over and over and over again until we know everything that has been discovered but something must have started it.

In example. When you light a gas cooker you turn on the gas and then add a spark so that the gas will ignite. Correct? If you lit the gas did not add the spark then nothing would happen. So, what we are trying to debate here is WHAT added the spark to start the universe. SOMETHING must have put this universe into existance and then have brought it to the point that the earth was created. What started the unvierse off?

And on a similar note: Who or what created the first living organism. Surely an inaminate object cannot just evolve into something living?


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