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Originally Posted by Decman777 View Post
ok here i go:

1) if you have now turned back on your beliefs then you have NOT experienced all of what Christianity is about.

2) Christianity isn't meant to tell us exactly what happened, only God would know that, we are only humans, He is God, we would not be able to comprehend His methods of creation. Another thing, the "Big Bang" also has a major flaw: where did that first point come from, you know...the one that "exploded on accident"

3) Yes, many people have died because of their beliefs and many have also killed others because of their beliefs, true Christianity is not about violence, it is about peace and love, but like with any situation, there are those who take it too far. As for Noah and the flood, yes God did kill the entire population of the Earth exept for 8 people, but there was good reason. If you are making a wooden carving, but something goes wrong in the process, you take away what must be taken away, and leave what you can. Genisis 6:5a, "The Lord saw how great man's wickedness on the Earth had become."

I did go to that site that you recommended...and i did not find anything that shook my faith, barely nudged it.

PM me if you want to debate further,

1) That's the no true scotsman fallacy; you have no idea what I experienced, yet you can't EVER understand that people can actually HAVE the "true experience" and look back and see it for what it really was.

2) Go do some research on Big Bang Theory, I don't have time to explain it for the over 9000th time.

3) The flood never happened. I could write many pages explaining why it was impossible, but I'm just for NOW going to adress your MORAL problem. You just made that answer, and didn't think it was in the least bit EVIL to kill an entire world of people. There is NO way that you can rationalize the murder of an entire planet and say that is something a "good" god would do. Many thousands of babies died in the flood (which never actually happened) and you fail to SEE how fucked up that is. Humanity is not some stupid wood carving; there is certainly MORE "evil" in the world now then their was back then, I doubt the innocent babies deserved to be drowned like that. Your god supposedly created ALL of mankind and because "god knows everything" he ALREADY KNEW that people would become evil, and KNEW beforehand that he'd KILL THEM ALL. That is an evil, amoral god, who doesn't deserve anybody's worship.

Check out the site's section on the Flood to see what's wrong with it from a scientific standpoint. Here I'm just arguing the moral case for why it would be SO WRONG for a supposedly loving god to do this. You simply can't rationalize his "image" with the systematic murder of an entire WORLD that he KNEW would "go bad" to BEGIN with. That's evil, and I'd like to hope that most people are above worshiping those kinds of "morals".
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