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Originally Posted by dyslexiaa View Post

1)You will most likely be unphased because you've never experienced anything that you've felt beyond yourself and logic,

2)insight into Christianity that can be accessible beyond Christians. It has a lot of scientific and psychological perspectives on things.

3)Other websites I recommend to make you think Christianity isn't some destructive force:
1) I was a devout Christian for roughly 14 years; I've "experienced" just about everything you could imagine in terms of what you'd call "beyond yourself" which was a tad condescending I might add

I just looked back on the experiences critically and understood what was actually happening with things like speaking in tongues etc.

2)There are NO scientific perspectives coming out of Christianity, it is a philosophical/religious belief system. But I know all about apologetics, don't worry, and I've even seen some of those websites before.

3)Christianity HAS proven to be one of the MOST destructive forces in human history for the last several thousand years. If you were a bible literalist you could even call "god" the biggest killer, seeing as he supposedly flooded the whole WORLD remember? lol!

More people have suffered and died in the name of religion than any other man-made cause... which is what religion is (MAN made).

I only have ONE website suggestion for you that I think you'd find extremely enlightening; it gives a complete list of apologetic arguements for Christianity/Creationism and fully refutes them all.

go there if you dare, it may cause extreme cases of doubt in dogmatic belief
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