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I haven't encountered a single "good" argument so far; but then again when people have beliefs that are inherently irrational/unreasonable... its near impossible to USE logic and reasoned arguments to SHOW them why they are wrong... since their default position is illogical to begin with.
When I was speculating my religious beliefs, a large part of my conversion to a theistic view was because of this website. It is a Christian website that will answer many of the 'biblical contradictions' you and many other athiests here have. A lot of the views the website are a little more fundamentalist than the things that I believe.

You will most likely be unphased because you've never experienced anything that you've felt beyond yourself and logic, but the website offers some insight into Christianity that can be accessible beyond Christians. It has a lot of scientific and psychological perspectives on things. I feel that you'll get more answers out of it than you will from some teenagers on a forum that haven't fully explored their spirituality (or lack therof.)

Other websites I recommend to make you think Christianity isn't some destructive force:

My intentions here aren't to prove God, but merely to offer some sources that can answer questions better than a bunch of teenagers can. My hopes with this post is to shed a better light of what Christianity can and should be.

If you have questions, I'll try my best to answer them from my viewpoint.

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