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Originally Posted by MasterCujo
Yes. If not I don't know what you defonition of moron is. He has No speaking skills as you can hear whenever he is talking, no real econic sense, and no real education. You may say he went to yale. but unlike most people who earn their way in, his PARENTS payed for him to get in. He may have good intentions and whatnot, but he seems so much like a moron, he just takes whatever anyone tells him from his own circle of friends, laps it up, and ignores everything else. If you notice, every person he has nominated for Anything has been a close personal friend of Bush, so he does not really care about anyone else he doesn't know. I think that even if you say he means well, he has DESTROYED THIS COUNTRY!!! I won't even go into invading Iraq...
just because his parents paid his way in that doesent mean it wasent just as hard for him to graduate as it would be for all the other people attending school there. and im sure you will never amount to anything even close to what he did. you may think hes a moron but if he can convince more then half of america to vote for him twice he must have something going for him.
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