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Originally Posted by iamvampire View Post
If you read closely you'll see that I said the world WASNT created 3,000 years ago....
Maybe you should read the posts properly before you try to insult someone elses intelligence?

Im sure that by post 87 you must know not to double post... use the edit button.

1) you continue to miss the point so i'll drop that one.

2) Tell me what caused the universe to expand rapidly.

3) I don't know how to answer that. Nothing in this world is definate, so i can't prove that God did it and you can't prove that he did not. Can we agree on that??

4) You could at least have given an arguement to disprove the theory of God.... not just say that i have no proof, which you have already said a thousand times...

I said he was a fool because the world was not created 3,000 years ago nor millions of years ago it was billions of years ago.
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