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I don't intend to get in an argument about my religious beliefs, so I'll just answer some questions and try and reason some things out. I don't know if I'll even check this topic again.

EDIT: In the end, neither of us will win by arguing. I can't make anyone believe in God and they can't make me not believe in God. What I will try to say is that Christianity and religion in general isn't the demon that everyone makes it out to be. While some Christians are the Rush-Limbaugh, Republican Party fundamentalists, not all of us are. The teachings of Jesus were mainly to love and accept one another! Science and religion can coexist. Science can answer the 'how' questions but not the 'why's and it's opposite for religion and spirituality. I personally believe that there is something special about this existence that is beyond our understanding.

I consider myself a liberal Christian.

I used to believe in the exact same thing; so I know where christians are coming from, and for the most part "why" they believe what they do. You can't justify your belief that EVERYONE will go to heaven but see their own version of god, like saying Hindus will see Shiva and go to their own heaven. You can't believe that really, because you'd be breaking some Commandments, and making God VERY ANGRY. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me". What does that mean? IF ANYONE believes in a god that isn't YOUR GOD. They go to hell. You can't try and reconcile you're "nice version" of God with what you believe he teaches in the Bible. The BOOK you believe in tells you straight up, that if you don't believe in this god, he WILL send you to hell. So... better luck next time?
I understand that you're trying to criticize the fundamentalist view of Christianity, but it's not all like that. I consider the Bible to be the will of God and not the direct word of God. By understanding the tribal context the Bible was written in, you can decipher what the passages mean and put it into a modern context. I was an athiest (devoutly, if you can find my post a billion pages back) but I've had quite a few life changing moments over the past three or four months.

I recommend listening to John Shelby Spong, a lot of his views correspond to mine and I think you'll enjoy hearing him speak even as an athiest.

Well for one religion has killed more people and done more bad then anything else EVER just to name a few WW2,9/11,war in the middle east,ect yeah you get it. And the idea of god is stupid you think some power made the world 3,000 years ago. People saying I did not come from a monkey are fools since for one apes and monkeys are not the same for 2 you think you are smarter then darwin ha DNA has proved him right. There is no such thing as a jew child or any religion child that is a label the parents put on the child and said here you are a jew they really don't think that.

My mother was raised in a atheist family and asked her father about god and he offered to take her to church and she did and he gave her a choice and she gave me a choice.

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The ideas of creationism and biblical creation of the world are outdated. It was written by the Israelites to make sense of the world around them. The Bible wasn't meant to be read as a historical document but as a spritual guide. Many athiests make the mistake that all Christians think the Bible is a historical document and everything happened literally.

Religion, while the cause of many wars, is not even close to major source of bloodshed. Greed and the need for power fuels violence more than religion does.

Dawkins alone is not someone you should quote to support your beliefs, in my opinion.

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