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Originally Posted by iamvampire View Post

1) you continue to miss the point so i'll drop that one.

2) Tell me what caused the universe to expand rapidly.

3) I don't know how to answer that. Nothing in this world is definate, so i can't prove that God did it and you can't prove that he did not. Can we agree on that??

4) You could at least have given an arguement to disprove the theory of God.... not just say that i have no proof, which you have already said a thousand times...
1) I guess you're going to remain willfully ignorant of this point; the BOOK that you READ that you believe is the WORD OF GOD, says that you SHALL NOT worship "false gods" or any gods that are NOT SPECIFICALLY the judeo-christian god. That means Hindus and Bhuddists.... they're going to hell. Nice god.

2) WE DON'T KNOW WHY. We can actually ADMIT that. And guess what? We're actually trying to figure out what caused the universe to expand RIGHT NOW. If we just threw up our hands and said "oh well, god did it" then we haven't learned ANYTHING or come any closer to discovering the ACTUAL truth.

3) We can't agree on this, since your logic for the BASIS of the disagreement is faulty to begin with. I DO NOT have to prove that "god did NOT do it" because you haven't even proven that god EXISTS!!!! How many times can I say that with just different sentences! You have to stop making the claim that your non-evident god does these things when you are unable to provide a SINGLE scrap of good, reliable evidence.

4) There is NO "theory of god". You cheapen the definition of a "theory" when you say that. The scientific structural framework in biology that uses facts and evidence to explain common descent and the diversity of life is known as the theory of evolution, which has been observed to occur, making it not only a theory, but a FACT (see: theory of gravity). The "theory of god" has no evidence or facts whatsoever to support it. That doesn't even classify as a HYPOTHESIS. It's a wild and uneducated GUESS at the very best.
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