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Originally Posted by phish View Post
You are a fool no the world was not created 3,000 years ago it was created billions of years ago smarty.
If you read closely you'll see that I said the world WASNT created 3,000 years ago....
Maybe you should read the posts properly before you try to insult someone elses intelligence?

Originally Posted by phish View Post
And another thing he bible was not writen till 500 AD and was passed down for 500 years people can not keep a story right for a eek never mind a book for 500 years. And the bible was edited to look how the vatican wanted to look around 500 AD.
Im sure that by post 87 you must know not to double post... use the edit button.

Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
1) I'm not going to repeat myself for a THIRD TIME.

2) "Something must have put the conditions in place to create the big bang". HOW? You can't see how it could happen naturally, so you say "god did it" just because that's an easy answer. The big bang wasn't the "creation" of the universe anyway, it was just the universe expanding from a singularity very rapidly, and cooling off in the process. How can YOU say god did it when you have no idea how the big bang works, and what steps are being taken to ACTUALLY figure it out?

3) Your story is over 150 years old, and nowhere do I see any proof of a miracle. The story is very inspiring, but doesn't go towards proving the existence of god; much like cancer "miraculously going away" this is one of those conditions that can on VERY RARE occaisions heal itself. Until you definitively prove that GOD had anything to do with it, all you have is hearsay. The place where this man supposedly healed has thousands of visitors each year nowadays to get healed by God. Why aren't there ANY miracle healings anymore? Doesn't god care about all these NEW people with similar injuries?

4) I'm not the one making the positive claim here. I don't HAVE TO prove that he doesn't exist. The burden of proof is on YOU, since you are the one that is claiming that he DOES exist. You haven't proven that god exists yet, and no one before you has either.
1) you continue to miss the point so i'll drop that one.

2) Tell me what caused the universe to expand rapidly.

3) I don't know how to answer that. Nothing in this world is definate, so i can't prove that God did it and you can't prove that he did not. Can we agree on that??

4) You could at least have given an arguement to disprove the theory of God.... not just say that i have no proof, which you have already said a thousand times...


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