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Just to clarify, I didnt say that i believed in many gods... i said there is ONE god that takes many forms so.... better luck next time?

I see where atheists come from and I realise that it can be dispoved more than proved, but atheists don't seem to be as accepting towards my beliefs as i am of theirs. If we are going to debate, please can someone say something other than 'there's no proof'?

I will say something. Everyone says there is no proof, but there is. You can find proof if you study miracles, things which scientists say 'that CANNOT have happened'. And actually the world wasnt created 3,000 years ago. It was created millions of years ago. Genesis 1 is actually a story to explain evolution. But, what put the correct elements there to create the big bang?

You are a fool no the world was not created 3,000 years ago it was created billions of years ago smarty.

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And another thing he bible was not writen till 500 AD and was passed down for 500 years people can not keep a story right for a eek never mind a book for 500 years. And the bible was edited to look how the vatican wanted to look around 500 AD.

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