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Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
I shouldn't have to repeat myself. I JUST SAID why that is wrong. Your god cannot "take many forms" in the sense that he can't "look like other gods". He SAYS in your Bible that you shall not worship any other gods. Period.

I don't have to debate by just saying "there's no proof". There IS NO PROOF. I can go beyond that, and say why the claims that religions make are false, but no proof has been presented. NONE. Give me an example of a "miracle" that all the scientists in the world say that they can't explain.

The earth formed roughly 4.54 BILLION years ago due to natural processes. The big bang happened 13.7 billion years ago, and we're honest when we say that we don't know a whole lot about it. HOWEVER, experiments such as the LHC in Switzerland are bringing us closer to getting the answers. Just sitting around saying "god did it" doesn't make us learn ANYTHING.

You should actually study what the big bang theory IS before you insert your god into it.
1) ''My God'' can take many forms in the sense that no one really knows what he looks like. We only have drawings to illustrate God but we don't really know what makes him up. Theists say that 'God can do anything that it is logical for God to do.' It would be possible for him to take many forms so as to appeal to different cultures on the planet.

2) You miss my point with the big bang. If we don't know much about the Big Bang then whats to say that God didn't start it? Something must have put the conditions in place to create the big bang. How can you discount God if you know nothing of it?

3) A miracle:

Above is the story of Gabriel Gargam. Have a read.

4) I count the above as some proof for the existance of God. Can you give me some proof that he does not exsist?


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