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Originally Posted by iamvampire View Post
I agree. We shouldn't put down peoples' beliefs, it's wrong to say that what they believe it crap.

Well firstly, as a christian i believe that there is one God. This God has many names and appears in many forms. So actually, I believe that we are all going to the same place, with 'all' of our gods there.

Secondly, Faith means unquestioning belief. Because of this, it is a very personal thing and i think it is wrong to tell people that it is wrong. The paragraph about faith in my last post was not a definition. I have just told you the definition and what i said last post was actually an example of how people show 'unquestioning belief'. And how can you accuse me of saying things without proof? You have no proof that Allah will be angry with me, yet you just said above that he will be...

Lastly, it is fine to put across your point of view, but I think that you need to be a bit more careful what you say. People believe that 'the man with nails in his hands' is the son of God and you making a casual joke about it is quite offensive. Try to put your point across without laughing at what other people believe.

I used to believe in the exact same thing; so I know where christians are coming from, and for the most part "why" they believe what they do. You can't justify your belief that EVERYONE will go to heaven but see their own version of god, like saying Hindus will see Shiva and go to their own heaven. You can't believe that really, because you'd be breaking some Commandments, and making God VERY ANGRY. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me". What does that mean? IF ANYONE believes in a god that isn't YOUR GOD. They go to hell. You can't try and reconcile you're "nice version" of God with what you believe he teaches in the Bible. The BOOK you believe in tells you straight up, that if you don't believe in this god, he WILL send you to hell. So... better luck next time?

I don't try to make my opinions of religion "nice" even though that may come across as offensive. I find the tenets of Christianity to be VERY offensive to me, so we're on equal footing really. It's hard for me to not make fun of something that I find so blatantly wrong. Sorry to be blunt; I'll try to keep the "name-calling" of deities to a minimum, which really is hard when I'm talking about a god that supports slavery, genocide, rape, killing babies etc.

But that is a discussion you probably DON'T want to hear me explain.^^^
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