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Have you ever sliced into your skin to see the blood?
To know that its yours!
To know that NOBODY can take it away from you!
To control it where they are, how deep, how long, how many!
Have you gotten to the point where all you're emotions are shutting down like you feeling them threw a this huge distance, threw a dence fog
Have you ever felt like you NEED the pain to feel anything?

Have you ever been treated as an object!
Has anbody you've trusted ever beatten you and you don't know why?...what you've done? why he would do that? why you?
Has a man 10 times your size and a thousand times stronger then you ever ordered you to take you're cloths off?
Done....things to you?

Have you ever had to watch as the girl you loved was beatten down by her dad
day in
and day out
you saw the bruises
tried to comfort her knowing you wern't strong enough to protect her
.....Did you go to her funeral?

Have you watched over half of you're family die
blink out like fading lights as the dieses spreads?

Have you ever been teased? Bullied and attacked to the point where you no longer care
like you've lost all hope?
Like you wanted to die?
Or to attack them! to make them pay! to make them hurt! to make them understand the pain they caused you?


I can tell from, that you don't understand this at all
You've never felt the pain, the emptyness....the mind numbing dark

don't you DARE speak of what you know nothing about

"Ok this post is totally fake and made just for others who are just like what i am about to post but are too shy or scared to post it for themselves! :

uuummmg ive had the worst day today adn im depressed and i cu tmy wrist for the first time ommg what do i do i ahv enever done it before and i have no clue what iw as thinking im having the urge to do it again like right now gah if eel terrible whats the point of livving why should i even live whats the point of life please someone respond"

thats is nothing more then a sick joke

...How dare you!
how dare you act like you know
like you understand!
I realise that no one experiance is the same
None of them ever are
but you don't even have a...oirszAHgopaiewhtgaop;wiorithjowsiatrhopih

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