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Default Thinking of making a book

Ok when i was applying for this highschool i just had these funny thought in mind las tnight, and i also thought of the book 'Ender's Game' but this is somewhat different. I want the title ot be 'BrainBread' and it is about these exceptional students in america that go to a highschool for exceptional people like myself and what im doing! But heres the catch, the school is secretley testing them to see if they are capable for the next step. . .

What that next step is i dont know but i do know it has somethign to do with high power, cloning and some other weird but cool crap

i have thought of one good quote, havent thought of characters names yet but here it is

<Cant you see what they are doing!
>What do you mean?
<All of the blood tests, Surveys, mysterious questions from our teachers, can you not think for one minute that these arent random!?

sorta the turning point of the book right there but i dunno, i wouldnt have the time to do it anyways so heheh
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