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Originally Posted by tyler_B View Post
Is it normal while you are masturbating to let your dog lick your penis and scrotum? It feels really good and i cant help not to. I try to stop but cant.
There is no question that it is not normal at all to let your dog lick your privates as there is the basic issue of hygiene. Also, the ASPCA comes out strongly against sex acts between humans and animals as animals cannot consciously choose whether or not to be a willing participant in sex acts with humans. The ASPCA argues that sex acts between a human and an animal is abuse of the animal.

It is understandable why your dog licking your privates feels good, but you have to exercise self control here. There are so many other ways you can masturbate in a pleasurable way without using your dog such as using a massager, using lube, or some other device to give you good feelings.

In short, for the sake of your dog, hygiene, and your self dignity, don't use your animal as a sex toy.
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