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Wow OK that was fcuking amazing!
I got there about 5, got in and walked around, bought a Rise Against T-shirt from the merch stall then I noticed scribbled on a little bit of A4 paper in the corner it said that Killswitch Engage would be doing a signing for half an hour. The first band was on at 6. I showed my friend it and we both decided that since we had never heard of the first band It was definately worth missing them to meet Killswitch! So we hung around and quewed (sp?) to meet them, then wow we got given a poster, shook hands with the four members (Adam was ill) said hi to them and got the poster signed!
Then went and saw Rise Against who were great Then Story Of the Year who I didn't think much of before but they blew me away, great stage show, really energetic, the best band of the night. Then Killswitch, these guys were fucking great, awesome circle pits etc. Then the Used were up and they weren't all that, had some good songs but too many slow/acoustic ones so couldn't get anything decent going. Then Funeral for a Friend who were great Good show, good finish to the night. Loved it!
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