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OK, just stop arguing for a moment and let's list the FACTS.

There was nothing, and then there was something.
Something cannot be created out of nothing.
Furthermore, life, itself cannot begin without life already unless extreme, exotic morphism takes place, which we are unsure if it can or can't happen. Once life is existent and stable, micro-evolution can and will occur under entropic conditions.

Now, let's look at the theories...

Evolution states that there was an enormous release of energy and mass, which brought space into perspective. Also, supposedly life was formed by some "primordial soup" and although we've performed situations to recreate the environment, we could ONLY create amino acids - not cells.

Intelligent Design states that everything was designed from an intelligent being or form. In addition, life was created in separate strands for separate environments. It is extremely hard to explain this phenomenon and therefore, most scientists are partial for the evolution theory. Though there are still things we can't comprehend. For example, spontaneous human combustion. Also, until Louis Pasteur proved that spontaneous generation was impossible, everyone believed it to be true - as they weren't ready to accept otherwise.

So now, the facts and theories have been laid down.
Now you have three choices:

(1) Believe Evoluation and have no idea how the "Big Bang" took place and not know how life was actually started.

(2) Believe Intelligent Design and have no idea how some being could create planets and life.

(3) Just don't believe either one and theorize something of your own.

*Note that the "Big Bang" and "Evolution" theories coincide with each other, as do "Creation" and "Intelligent Design"

BTW, I'm for Intelligent Design.
I know... I type too much, but I like to get a point through


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