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Default Bleeding ( a song.)

When this pain reaches its climax...
I find myself being driven into....madness.

HOLD me while I'm down, pour your heart into me.
Let me see what is real. You can't deny my inner strength. I've been held down for so loo-ong. HOLD me when I'm drowning in my own despair. Let me breathe into you. Feeling everything in side. I would love to have that night with you. When all these thoughts cause me to bleed on the INSIDE.

So you've finally told me what you've hidden for so long. I tried hhelping you. Im rejected with a stab. Flying crows turn my way. Break-ing me on the inside..the inside.

So dont hold me down, let me bleed, let me blleed on the inside. hold me down let me see. Let me see what is real. I've been holding you down. For so long. Now This pain is corrupting the most inner part of ME.
Dont you see? How I am. Im regretting ever letting you and me share than kiss. Now your lips feel my INNER BLEEDING!
fant voices: Inner bleeding, inner bleeding,Inner bleeding..,
inner bleeding.
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