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Default piss off

When I was 16 I weighted 150lbs
When I was 17 I weighted 140lbs
Now with me at 18 I weigh 130lbs (fully clothed including hoody, belt, keys, phone, wallet, PSP and headset)

I'm six foot three, six foot four....I'm sensing issues

My BMI is like 15.8
and I think i'm losing muscle mass now which is just a piss off, I want a 6pack dammit

Now tecnically speaking i'm an anorexic
But I don't think i'm fat
and I eat when i'm hungry
I'm just not hungry allot and whenever I eat to much I get REALLY sick
Not omg i'm fat sick just flat out tummy ache gonna puke sick

My mum said shes gonna book an app with my doc to find out whats going on cause everyones calling me anorexic right now and its gettin fuckin annoying
Even my princible mentioned it
They thought i had a dieses befor sumthin with my tummy but i checked out okay so now she wants me tested again
i'm hoping its something cool
like cancer

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