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sorry to revive something old but i thought this was better than posting a new topic anywho anyone know of RagnarokOnline, i started playing after i got banned on, Diablo, DII, DII lod, warcraft, wow, starcraft, broodwar, etc, all of those bans were for hackin -.- either way ragnarok is pretty kewl, download the korean version and try to check out its pretty fun, its interactive play avalon its better than the others, or i think so, the gms are really nice to, they argue but, there cool. either way, if anyone starts playing it download the patches off that site, and if you need the game, aim me DaftEnigma, I can send it over aim at 56kb a sec itll take about maybe 12 hr's or so depending on the connections etc, its easy install. fun game, whats not to like... also it has pretty good skins for the game while playing like a d2 theme or kenshin or w/e you could want, you can even make your own... its decent ^^
join in my cruddy lil w0w; if you wanna....or msg me on msn for more info...
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