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Originally Posted by koler
"religious fanatics realized that creationalism wasnt to be taught in schools per the constitution"

what, seperation of religion and state was a long LONG way down the road. Prayer in school, etc etc, that was all involved untill the civil rights movment. however, though I don't believe in a god myself, the theroy of intellegent design alongside evolution would let people make their own choice about it. Let people have thier own voice.
nonono u misunderstood what i said sorry....

i said that religious fanatics (anyone who practices religion is a fanatic to a degree) realized that creationalism is not allowed to be taught in schools, the supreme court has ruled thats illegal. what people are doing is creating new "theories" that they hope will have a better chance of being accepted, even though its just a spin off of creationalism that even LESS people believe
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