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Default i despise you

i cant sleep
i cant eat
i cant smell the sweetness of pollen
i cant see the colours of a sunset
i cant feel the warmth of the bath at night
i cant breathe without it becoming a sigh
i cant hear the sound of the birds in the morning
i cant taste the sugar on my lips
i cant see the ripples in the water
i cant explore the vastness of a forest
i cant see the wonders of a rainbow
i cant understand the twists in my book
i cant smile without it hurting
i cant laugh without crying
i cant taste the richness of wine
i cant dream of anything else
i cant talk of anything intersting
i cant put paint to paper and draw
i cant soak in the heat of sunshine
i cant feel the ecstacy of winning
i cant feel the pain of loosing
i cant feel the beat of my heart when i run
i cant feel the air in my face when the wind blows
i cant smell the freshness of the rain
i cant enjoy the softness of my bed
i cant get you out of my head.

and you wonder why i hate you.

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