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Originally Posted by iamvampire View Post
up above me is a VERY good, well thought out argument against religion. But faith is much deeper than you make out. I believe in God. Now, if you ask me WHY i believe in God i could not even begin to give you an answer, because i don't know. What i do know is that i'm pretty certain that he does exist. And what i like to say to people is that God cannot be proved or disproved. Believers have nothing to lose, because if he is real we have pleased him, and if isn't there is nothing, so we wont know we were wrong

I bet if Jesus came knocking on your door, with the nail marks from the cross, you would believe.
'You believe because you have seen. BlessÚd are those who have NOT seen and yet believe'
THAT is the definition of faith.

So you believe, without knowing WHY you believe, but you are CERTAIN nontheless? Then you bring up Pascal's Wager, where its "better to believe" because if you're right you go to heaven, and if you're wrong you just cease to exist (i.e. nothing after death).

However, that is a flawed argument. If you say that, then you have to ask yourself THIS question, what if YOUR religion is wrong? There are thousands of religions, and if you die and meet Shiva or Allah, they won't be happy I assure you. Gods do NOT have to be disproved, its up to the BELIEVERS to prove that their god exists, because THEY are the ones who are making the claim that their god is real.

Your definition of faith at the end is false, that is just a way that faith is validated by religion; for SOME reason you are supposed to be "blessed" for believing in something that you have absolutely no proof whether it exists or not. In any OTHER situation in life, faith is stupid, and a bad method of making choices. So why does religion get the free ride, so to speak?

If I saw a man with nails in his hands at my door, I'd be calling the local asylum to pick him up. He'd have to do much more than "show up" to proof his divinity to me. Mind you, I was a Christian for 14 years, and have seen the flaws in my thinking back then, when I took things "on faith".
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