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im not compleatly for religion being though in school, however i feel it is good for your growth in your opinion in other people. like after 9/11 there was all the islamic stuff, and i wasnt sure what was true, but then we started religion in secondary school (the school i went to before was a catholic school, there isnt really much of a choice), and i learned more, and its very interesting, aswell as judeaism, buddhism and hinduism. i like finding out about other peoples thinkings

on the other hand, mabey it isnt the best, i know there is some peeople who many would call "bible bashers" who would really take everything in the bible to heart. i dont like that.

anyway, im confused just i think to make a clearer understanding of other people, it should be though, it works for me (plus im gettnig A's in it, so it isnt so bad!)

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