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Originally Posted by ShatteredGlass View Post
You know which religion is rite when you give it an honest try and you get proof.

I'm christian and I have gotten that proof.
And idk y ppl criticize another faith rather than bringing the proof that their religion is correct, my guess is they have none.
You say that you have proof, yet you still call it faith. I critisize faith for a good reason; faith is believing in something WITHOUT evidence or reason to do so. So why wouldn't I critisize it when people make decisions or act according to faith?

My guess is that your proof was insubstantial to actually support your beliefs, if put under the same scrutiny as you put others.

Faith is NOT a good thing. Since when did it become honorable or noble to be known for making choices based on a LACK of evidence or reason to believe in something.... yet you believe it anyway?
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