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Default Re: how did you know?

Well i realized late that i was Bi. I was raised believing that i was suppose to like guys. I never really questioned it either. I never questioned why i seemed to like girls or sometimes i couldn't help but to stare at them. I never thought about that. It was just kinda whatever. About a little over a year ago i started liking this girl who happened to be les. And i was honestly confused. I just kept telling them that their just a special case. But soon i realized that i liked girls.

Just all this time, i never thought about it. I lived by what society thought was right and i never questioned anything. That year i changed a lot. I changed what society had made me.

But anyways. That was my boring story.
Im 16, feel free to talk to me anytime :]

Watch her cut away her beauty
She’s denying everything that’s accepted by most
God? What God?
How the hell could God let this happen?
Look at her, Look at her
How can you look at her and believe there’s a God?

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