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its great that you are managing to control your urges and have other ways to make yourself feel better. Cutting will not stay on your mind forever if you carry on with all these positive things.

I found that as i began to feel better and more positive my scars no longer bothered me. They were evidence that I had survived a very difficult period in my life. I treat them now as if they were as normal a part of me as my eyes and my ears.

The best thing I found that helped reduce scars was the sunlight. My scars are on my arms so it was easier for the sun to get to them, your hips might be more difficult tho. Try the cocoa butter and stuff for that and try to let the sun on your ankles in the spring/summer

Oh btw sid vicious, sweet crimson isnt cutting anymore so theres no need for professional help. the support of us at vt and those around them will be enough

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