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Default bad news && good news

ok i didn't post much about this really but me && andrew = no more.
i like this guy joey. well, ya'll have seen pics and whatnot. well, friday at school i wrote him a note asking him out. yes, stupid, i know. and he said no cuz he has a girlfriend. well, friday night, me, austin, and dom went to his house and he was all over me. i mean ALL over me. and austin at the end of the night when he was standing there holding me she was like "you guys should go out" and he said in a really sad voice "i already said no" and we took a little walk in the alley and he just couldn't ... he was like all over me again. it was weird.
well, yesterday on the walk back home from the park, austin and i were talking and i told her "he apparently doesn't like his girlfriend that much if he was all over me" and she agreed with me.
today i was talking to phillip and i told him the situation and he said "he probably feels bad and is going to break up with his girlfriend to be with you."

i don't know. what do you all think?

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