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Default Re: how did you know?

technically i'm not bi (pans). But uh lets see.

When i thought I was a lesbian it was when i was 12-13? I thought I was lesbian because I was attracted to a female friend and only saw males attractive when they were together.

Then I decided no, I was Bisexual. And I kinda decided this for myself... I decided that, "True love only rolls around once in a while. And when it does present itself, i'm not going to let gender get in the way." So yeah. Decided that one for myself.

Then about three-two months ago I got really confused because I discovered Transexuals and Transvestites and found them ridicously attractive. So thus I became super confused. I found girls emotionally attractive and somewhat sexually. I discovered I can only feel sexually attracted OR emotionally attracted to a male but never a the same time (been like that in all my relationships) and Found Trans sexually and emotionally attractive. But I also was attracted to gay relationships, lesbians relation ships. Pretty much everything. So then I came here and finally found out I was a pan sexual So I'll settle for that one!

Though, there was a while there I swore I was a female gay. Was thinking about cross dressing for a bit there but I found the problem with that is, it's so hard for a girl to cross dress... (harder than you think... though i look damn fine in a 'bartender' vest with a black tie if i might say so myself!) and I wasn't interested in having a sex change so yeah... But I do think i should have been a guy and been gay.. or a trans. But yeah.

Thats my lovely confusing story

Oh and i'd love to be friends and talk sometime ^^
I go by Black online, i'm 15, from canada and female.
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