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Originally Posted by harmony524 View Post
Hi, I'm pretty new, well I wanted to ask 2 questions.

I was circumcised at the age of 7, I was told that getting circumcised at an old age is fatal is this true? because although I didn't die it did realy hurt.

And my friend once told me that if you are circumcised at the age of 7 or older, then your penis shrinks in size, and if you get circumcised under the age of 7 then your penis is big, is this true?
Circumcision is not fatal. People argue that there are both advantages and disadvantages to circumcision and some believe that it effects mental and physical differences in later life. Whether that is true or not I'm not sure can be 'proved'.

As you were circucisied later, they go through a slightly different procedure. But it's not much different. They are supposed to put you under a general anesthesia while you are completely asleep? So I don't understand how it hurt? If this wasn't done to you, then I have no idea why it wasn't. Maybe it's done differently where you are? And for elder children the healing process goes on for about 3 weeks apparently, but they let you out of hospital.

Oh and the thing your friend told you about is rubbish. Penis size isn't effected by what age you are circumcised far as I know.

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