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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by harmony524 View Post
Hi, I'm pretty new, well I wanted to ask 2 questions.

I was circumcised at the age of 7, I was told that getting circumcised at an old age is fatal is this true? because although I didn't die it did realy hurt.

And my friend once told me that if you are circumcised at the age of 7 or older, then your penis shrinks in size, and if you get circumcised under the age of 7 then your penis is big, is this true?

1) No, circumcision is not 'fatal' at an old age. As with any surgical procedure, risk increases with age, but typically, circ is a pretty straightforward procedure at any age, with low mortality/morbidity rates.

2) No, circ has no effect on penis size.
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