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Default Love and Kisses

Love and Kisses

stepping outside to catch my breath
my hallow lungs pulling in the crisp air
the leaves they are changing
as well am I
changing into a new being
full of life
yet empty
there is a space that needs to be filled
and only love can fill it
I hope that one day love will
but I am at a stressful juncture in my life
trying to dispute the indisputable
I'm very confused
sealed inside a coffin of horror
I need an escape rout
a pleasurable freedom lingers at my fingertips
but if I clasp my hands around it
will it remain wonderful
only when I make the choice and proceeded will I discover the truths
so until then I will keep pacing this endless room
never experiencing what I want to experience
but ready to pounce on opportunity
love a kisses babe'
love and kisses

Kolte Blount

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