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You people have obviously not read the Bible, to debate, you must know both sides of the debate, I have done my research on evelution, and it is possible, but not likely.

yeah, how much worse could have it been at noahs ark compared to todays world??
that is why God is going to destroy the earth with fire next time, instead of water.

lets say Noah's Ark really did happen. I'd love for it to happen again.
Well it can't happen again the cannopy of water, that surrounded the earth fell when all that rain fell. before the flood, there was no rain, God provided for all the peoples needs. That is also why people lived longer before the flood, because the cannopy kept ultraviolet rays that destroy the body's cells from hitting the earth.

drugs, suicide, hunger, death all ruin this world.
tell me one christian, (not a proffesing christian, but a true christian) that died of one of those reasons, except hunger. (1) A true christian would not commit suicide, because he has the love and joy that comes from God. (2) A true christian would not do drugs, because he finds happyness in the Lord, and does not need drugs to make him happy.

people are the root of the problem
This is where I agree, but it is "corrupt" people who cause this. Has a true Christian ever killed anybody.(after they were saved, and for unholy reasons) Has a true Christian ever sold sombody drugs, has a true christian ever made a bomb threat. NO, no, no.

see my point.
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