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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

well....i was circumcised when i was age 6 . cause i had phimosis which meant i had a tight foreskin which could not retract. furthermore my pee was like always going all over the shop and my parents were getting tired of cleaning after me.

so one day my dad observed me peeing and decided that i should be cut as soon as possible during the june holls.

the op was performed without any kind of anastatic and i cried like a mad boy... i was able to see my dick getting trimed and was in alot of pain (i think the doc used a gomco clamp). after the op i satyed for the night in a c class ward with few other boys who were also cut and we were able to see each other's dicks cuse we could not wear pants.

i hated circumcision for many years due to the pain but soon forgot about it, until recently during a school camp where many of us had to shower in openly and i got to see many of my friends dicks and realised that out of a class of 39 about 10 of my clasmates had dicks similar to mine. interestingly enough the topic came up when we were talking and i got to learn more about circumcision. now i think circumcision is good so long as the child consents to it lol.

further more the rest of my 5 bros all are circumcised including my cousins which make me think that the cirumcision rate in singapore is realatively high.......
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