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Default Re: slipping in and out

Originally Posted by koler
Ugh, i just wanna die, i can no longer stand life. everyone hates me, they do, and though i feel so much pain, i know, or at least hope that the road will change for the better. I feel so disorganized. Its like my life is a scattered mess of paper strown about across a desk. And every time i try to gather the papers up, a splinter stabes my hand. I want a way out, Its not fair. I never did anything to deserve such agony. I want out. I try and try to help people, and they shove it in my face. I will never please anyone, they all just want more. Every time i do somting its taken for granted, or people just don't get it. They don't get me, my family doesnt get me, I'm alone in a world that hates me and their is not way out.

U may not Relise this but that cud be some good lyrics for a Depression song lol I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon
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