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Originally Posted by vector View Post
For some reason when i try to masturbate, pee always comes out when i start to rub the penis . I had wet dream before and im 13. Is this weird?
Generally, urine should not come out when you masturbate as the ducts handling urine shut off so that the semen can come out. What you should do is urinate before masturbating just so that you do have any problems with urine coming out. Clearly, if you are always getting urine mixed with your semen, then you should see your doctor. However, at this point you are probably just new to masturbating and need some practice.

As for your having a wet dream that is clear evidence that you can ejaculate. Have you ever ejaculated when you masturbated? If not, then you just need to concentrate more and ensure that your technique is good.

Visit for techniques, and urinate before masturbating so that you won't have problems.

Originally Posted by Colton_Reeves View Post
My grandparents say that J/O is wrong are they right?
Your profile lists your being from Manila, and I am guessing that you must be Roman Catholic. Roman Catholicism has a prohibition against masturbating, but the reality is that masturbating is a normal biological function no different than urinating. None of us can tell you what is right or wrong as that entirely depends upon your upbringing and your religious authorities. What can be told to you is that as long as you are not masturbating in excess, meaning that you are masturbating during all your free time, then you are all right. I think most religions out there teach that one should be responsible with one's body, and I think that as long as you are responsible with masturbating, then you are not doing anything wrong. My thinking is that your grandparents are old school and were raised in a time when sexuality was a major taboo. Sexuality is a beautiful thing as long as one is responsible with it. Extremes with regards to sexuality is not good whether it be totally suppressing it or doing it all the time. Also, keep in mind that sex and masturbating are not the same thing as those things are mutually exclusive for the most part. As long as you are responsible with your body, then you are fine.

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