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Originally Posted by redsoxboy View Post
Ok well I'm 13 and I have been trying to masturbate using my fist and hands, but I can't orgam! I get a huge erection, for me , but I still can't orgasm! Please help! I masturbated with the fist with a lubed up condum, and orgasmed, but I can't do it again! I can orgasm in the prone position, but i want to be able to orgasm using my hands and the fist method! Also, does anybody have any ideas for using household items for lube? Please don't say K-Y because I don't have access to that. Thank you in advance for all of your help!
Your problem is pretty common for guys who start out masturbating in the prone position and eventually make their way to the fist method. As for household lubes the best things you can use are lotions, creams, or baby oil. Just don't use soaps, hair care products (i.e. shampoos, conditioners, etc.), or anything medicated. You can use creams without arousing the suspicions of your parents, if that is a concern.

Because you can orgasm when you masturbate in the prone position, then you should start out masturbating that way. When you get pretty far along flip over to a comfortable position and lube up with cream and start using your fist. Just be really patient as it will probably take you a while (10 minutes plus) if you never have orgasmed with the fist method before. Make sure you are really horny and that your mind is clear.

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