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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by gino66 View Post
Im uncut, live in canada. im italian tho, so in italy the norm is uncut, but in canada almost everyone cut at my age..kinda holds me back a little if u know wat i mean,,not relly sure of the chicks reaction.
Originally Posted by iam14 View Post
im fine with being cut

its ment to be more clean aswell
my only delemma is that no one else i no is cut
i live in australia
It's OK to be 'different', b/c it's just one small part of who you are. Eventhough it's your beloved penis, there's more to you than that, you are not defined by it. I know this sounds incredible, but it's true.

Guys are extraordinarily insecure, i think it's in our DNA, so whenever we realize a difference, we feel all weird about it, and either 1) Get very defensive about it, or 2) Want to change it to be like everyone else. The third, and correct option here is, 3) Accept it and realize that it's part of the many unique qualities of who you are.
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