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Hmm weird day today.. Tried being more obvious I guess..:
I arrive at school, I get my homework, naturally I have to bash my locker shut and closed with my knee every day since I'm so unorganized. Today Emily says "I'm going to do this Rowan style" and she bashed her locker with her knee to close it.

I arrive in homeroom, Coleen's not at school today. So there's an empty seat then Daniel then Emily, but the table is like this: Emily here-\_|__|_/ me in the middle

Anyways, nothing happened until English (3rd and 4th period)(same class as homeroom class). So, I sit in my regular seat. I continue working, I read chapter 3 of this book then finish up the questions for that chapter. I let out a sigh when I'm complete. Emily's like "Sad because Coleen isn't here" so I say "Of course" sarcasticly.

Later I move into the seat next to Daniel and one person away from Emily. Sam(who sits on the furthest oposite corner of emily) says "Why are you sitting there?" I say " Because you guys beat me" then smirk. Later at 4th period, Emily asks if she can wear my hoodie because she's cold. I say yeah, and lend it to her.

After fourth period was finished, it was lunch. I decided to sit next to Jason, Jordan, Emily and Dylan. I was next to Dylan who was next to Emily. Dylan dared me to put my arm around some sixth grade girl and say "Hey baby, what's goin' on..?". So, I did it, why not? The girl's like "Who are you...?" and moves.

Then another one comes, 'cept this time it's a guy. They dare me to do it. So again I do it, they all laugh. The guy I put my arm around left the table too and Emily was like "Rowan, stop scaring all the sixth graders away" and started giggling.

After lunch we had math and social, both periods I sit at the exact oposite spot from emily. Her on one side and me on the other side of the room. I catch her looking at me from time to time and she catches me looking at her. Sometimes she'd look away sometimes I would.

Then, Nick says something funny(the guy who's sitting next to Emily) and she looks at me and giggles. I just gave a blank smile because it was uncalled for since we usually were looking away from each other.

Before 7th period, Science, she gives me back my hoodie. On the walk there I said "Now my hoodie smells like mints" then chuckle a bit(what.. it's true it does) she laughed and said "really?". Jordan flirts with her all period long. At one point he says "Dont'cha wish your boyfriend had an ass like mine, dont'cha, dont'cha, dont'cha wish your boyfriend was hot like me, don'tcha, dont'cha"(song like though). She said "What's wrong with you" whilst laughing.

He was being so arrogant it pissed me off, I felt like kicking his ass despite how he has about 30 pounds and 1-2inches on me... Near the end of the period I went and sat by her and Jordan. She left soon there after and went and sat by Ryder, John and Nick. I stayed with Jordan despite how he pisses me off...

Anyways that was my day..

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