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Originally Posted by serial-thrilla
well maybe the majority of us dont. i mean i wouldnt want to be classified as an american/canadian im a canadian
koler's right matt tecnically Canada is located in north america already.
Which already makes us american/canadian

Besides are the scotish refered to as english/scotich? No there Scots and proud of it!

It would be no diffrent here the actuall intigration of the two countrys would happen slowly over a period of many years

But you would begin to feel the effects almost over night

taxes would be cut by 50% (that will save my fam 20,000 a year roughly not including the bussiness) but our health care would still remain very strong
Oil and gas would be cheeper so instead of people piling all of the snow in there yard against there houses in the winter because they cant afford the gas bill so there trying to insulate there home wouldnt happen anymore (I know a nice lady that was forced to do that)
The missle defence program would be initiated
Canada's handfull of submarines that are extremly old handy downs from the UK and that keep breaking down putting our sailors lives at risk would be scrapped and the brand new state of the art american subs would do the patrol our broken ones originally were.
Our millitary and there millitary would merge
The severe job shortage in provinces like Nova Scotia or New Brunswick would be fixed.
The Saskachewan economy would have allot more funding so that its extremly underfunded goverment could fix its educational and transportation problems
The HUGE job boom thats happening right now would become even stronger drawing up more people in the small struggling towns turning them into thriving citys.
The BSE and softwood lumber disputes would be fixed saving thousands of people from bankruptcy.
Increase in national security by means of a uniform continental defense perimeter, and elimination of border guards at the Canadian border, so that they may be used in more important areas (eg. airports, harbors and Mexican border).
Canadians would be part of the last remaining super power on the planet thus having a say in what happens

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